Welcome to my website the purpose of this website is to help beginners to play chess and help them to master the opening,middle game and endgame

About me

Meet Danish, a chess enthusiast born in 2008 who has a passion for the game that knows no bounds. He has developed an unparalleled love for chess and is especially fond of the queen's gambit strategy. Danish is an avid player, and although he only plays occasionally, his dedication and commitment to the game are second to none. His enthusiasm for the game is so great that he is willing to share his knowledge and skills by offering chess classes to beginners. With Danish's guidance, anyone can develop the skills to become a great chess player. Get ready to checkmate your opponents with Danish's expert guidance!

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"Welcome to our chess class! Learn the basics, strategies and become a skilled player with us.".

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"Gotham Chess is a popular YouTuber who teaches chess with a focus on beginner and intermediate players. Offers courses too.".

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"Chess AI is computer software that uses algorithms to play chess against humans or other machines. Continues to improve rapidly.".

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